COMMERCIAL LED PANEL LIGHT (100 | 130)LM/W (295×295 | 295×595 | 595×595 | 295×1195 | 595×1195)mm

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Super slim and efficient design
Special extruded aluminum with very slim design (10mm thickness), lighting comes all around into light
guide panel, more efficient heat dissipation, lowers the light decline efficiently. Ensure the lumen output
maintenance factor above 80%, after using 35,000 hours.

High light efficient and energy saving
High brightness SMD LED used as light source, the whole lamp designed with high lighting efficiency over
100lm/W and energy saved up to 70%.

Special heat treatment & Long life-span
New inner high efficient (95%) heat protection system, the constant current driver can work under unstable
Voltage. Using top-quality SMD LED and brand external driver, make sure the life-span up to 5 years.

Environmental friendly
Safe and durable, can be cyclic utilization, no such hazard for lead or Mercury enter the environment.


Datasheet (100lm/W)
Datasheet (130lm/W)


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